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игра «заяц и собаки»

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paperchase: translation

paperchase pa‧per‧chase [ˈpeɪpəˌtʆeɪs ǁ -pər-] noun [countable usually singular] disapproving
1. an administrative process that takes more time and uses more documents than seem reasonable:

• It is possible to claim back the tax, but this involves something of a paperchase.

2. FINANCE an occasion when a company sells a lot of new shares to finance a series of takeovers; = WALLPAPER
3. a very careful search through a large amount of documents or books :

• It took a long paperchase through the archives to find the report.

* * *

paperchase UK US /ˈpeɪpəˌtʃeɪs/ noun [C] UK
the act of doing a difficult or long search through many books, documents, etc.: »

The long paperchase through the statistical sources leads to two sets of conclusions.

a process that creates too many paper documents, forms, etc.: »

Banks and their customers are being driven mad by the paperchase of doing business.

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• After The, 1970 John Jay Osborn Jr. novel or the movie or TV series adapted from it

• Canine's favorite Timothy Bottoms film? (with The)

• Effort toward a law degree

• Financial aid forms

• Houseman TV series, with The

• With The, 1973 Houseman movie

• Would-be lawyer's effort

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paper-chase noun игра 'заяц и собаки', в которой убегающие оставляют за со-бой бумагу как след

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сущ. игра "заяц и собаки" (в которой убегающие оставляют за собой бумагу как след)
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игра 'заяц и собаки', в которой убегающие оставляют за собой бумагу как след
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"погоня по бумажному следу" (то же, что hare and hounds)
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