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'Scuse, please.: translation

Excuse me. & Excuse, please. & Pardon (me). & 'Scuse (me). & 'Scuse, please.
1. an expression asking forgiveness for some minor social violation, such as belching or bumping into someone. (


is colloquial, and the apostrophe is not always used.) •

John: Ouch! Bob: Excuse me. I didn't see you there.

Mary: Oh! Ow! Sue: Pardon me. I didn't mean to bump into you.

Tom: Ouch! Mary: Oh, dear! What happened? Tom: You stepped on my toe. Mary: Excuse me. I'm sorry.

2. Please let me through.; Please let me by. •

Tom: Excuse me. I need to get past. Bob: Oh, sorry. I didn't know I was in the way.

Mary: Pardon me. Sue: What? Mary: Pardon me. I want to get past you.

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